The Officers Training College


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The Officers’ Training College (OTC) vision statement is: preparing tomorrow’s leaders, today. Every effort, resource and prayer is devoted to this aim.

The Army’s Officers in training are called Cadets. In the modern facility which is constantly being developed, there is room for 60 to participate in the two year residential training (with a three month field assignment at the mid-point).

From 2015, for the first time in the history of The Salvation Army in Nigeria, there are two Sessions of Cadets training simultaneously. This will allow, by the grace of God, for newly Commissioned Officers to be sent to the field, henceforth, every year.

By the time a Cadet has reached the College, they would have successfully completed a thorough assessment process. A Calling from God and spiritual authenticity are the key criteria which would have been demonstrated and be evident in their life. It is essential that a candidate for training possess a conviction that they must devote their life to the service of God in The Army; and they must enjoy and seek after the blessing of holiness (Christlikeness). Further requirements include a spirit of ‘Salvationism’(which is a belief that God raised The Army and is using it to bring about the salvation of the world), the backing of other Officer and Local Salvation Army leaders, educational qualifications, the completion of Biblical studies, a financial commitment and the securing of items on a comprehensive kit list.

Every-day College life for a Cadet commences with personal devotions. Assigned cleaning duties must then be completed before breakfast is served. The OTC family of staff and Cadets then gather for morning devotion which are followed by a full schedule of academic classes. Subjects studied include: Old Testament, New Testament, Salvation Army Doctrine, Systematic Theology, Church History, African Traditional Religion, English, Homiletics, Pastoral Care Counselling, Salvation Army Accounting, Salvation Army Orders and Regulations, Women’s Ministry, Salvation Army History, Leadership, Hermeneutics and Field Drill.

The College academic programme is currently seeking Affiliation with the West Africa Theological Seminary. This will allow for Cadets to receive an accredited Diploma in Christian Theology when Commissioned. Following lunch, opportunities for private study in the College’s 7,000 volume library is given. In addition to this, time is scheduled throughout the College week for practical evangelism, music classes, sports and various section meetings such as men’s fellowship, women’s fellowship and Sessional fellowships. The College day concludes with Cadet led night devotions.

Saturday afternoon is generally free, but Sunday will usually be a day upon which Cadets visit corps in the Lagos West Division, Ogun District and Ibadan Division to lead worship meetings, open-air evangelistic meetings and activities for children. These visits will be supervised by OTC staff, and Cadets will receive feedback on what they have done.

These College routines are complimented by periodic additions to the training programme. Army’s Territorial staffs facilitate a monthly lecture, and extra seminars such as computing, Salvation Army Social Work and AIDS awareness are scheduled. Easter and Christmas are particularly busy for the Cadets as they travel for off campus engagements.

The OTC is a busy place. The life of the Cadet is challenging and designed to stretch. There is joy and an atmosphere of thankfulness at the College too. How could there be otherwise? The College is inhabited by the presence of God and people whose obedience to Him has led them to this wonderful place. Please pray that the Salvation Army Nigeria Territory OTC will continue, by the grace of God, to effectively: prepare tomorrow’s leaders, today.

If you would like more information about the OTC, please write to the Training Principal, Major Emmanuel Ohaeri. If you are interested in being considered for Officers’ Training, please write to the Territorial Youth Secretary, Major John Okpalaihedi. Both can be contacted at: The Salvation Army, 6 Shipeolu Street, Onipanu, Shomolu, Lagos, or through your nearest corps of The Salvation Army.