The Salvation Army Nigeria Territory  welcoming service of its new cadets took place at the territorial headquarters on 9th-10th November 2019.  The weekend was eventful and was glorious and joyful for all. Especially to the celebrants. The Messengers of Grace.

The following events ensued in the weekend.

On the morning of Saturday 9th, the friends of officers’ training college {FOOTCOL} had its annual meeting with view of discussing the way forward for the training college, and implementing support for the college.

Following this was the festival night which was held in the evening of this same Saturday. There were series of activities on this night. The cadets of Messengers of Grace had a timbrel display to the glory of God, while the joint session of cadets of messengers of the kingdom and messengers of Grace presented a glorious piece of song that was edifying and interesting. The Training Principal  Major David Howarth later that night gave a message Titled: GRACE, having read from Ephesians 2:8-9.

On attendance was the Territorial Commander and Territorial President of Women’s Ministries; Colonels Victor and Rosemarie Leslie, the Chief Secretary and Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries; Lieut. Col. Isaac and Eva Danso, alongside the cabinet, the Divisional Leaders, comrades, friends and family members of the celebrants.

On Sunday 10th, the Welcome service was joyfully held to the glory of God. The service started with the marching in of the Territorial flag, followed by the TC and TPWM along with the Cabinet members, Officers, training college flag, training college staff, Messengers of the Kingdom flag and the 27 cadets, and then the messengers of Grace flag and the 22 cadets.

The service was led by the Chief Secretary while the Territorial Commander gave the message, which was titled; GOD’S CALL, having taken his reading from Jonah 3:1-10. The Territorial President of Women’s Ministries presented to the new cadets their sessional name tag, which was hanged on their sessional flag. She equally admonished the flag bearer Cadet Comfort Oju-kieme to do well to uphold the sessional flag with enthusiasm, and march with great vigour and tenacity for the follow cadets to equally look up to her and march on to victory in the battle against unrighteousness in our world.

Furthermore, the Territorial Youth Secretary Major Uche Anumba carried out the activity of presenting the cadets to the territory via the Territorial Commander, who in turn presented them to the Training Principal for Training.

The cadets later presented their sessional song, while two cadets were given the opportunity to testify about their salvation and calling. The secretary for personnel, Lieut. Col. Joseph Mbagwu prayed for the new cadets while the TPWM offered the closing prayer and the benediction.

The cadets were so happy having chosen to serve God under the umbrella of The Salvation Army, as their various disposition showed it all. Our prayer is that Grace will uphold them till the end of their training and their ministry in this great commission. Amen.


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