“Regardless of how strong the feeling may be, compassion that does not lead to action is worthless.” says Colonels Rose-Marie Leslie, the Territorial President of Women’s Ministries (TPWM) at the Ordination and Commissioning service of the Messengers of Compassion as officers of The salvation Army on Sunday 25 August 2019.
The service took place at the Igbobi Corps Hall of Lagos City Division as the Cadets entered the auditorium marching behind their sessional flag, carried by Cadet Olatunde Maria in procession, while the Territorial band accompanied them with marching tunes.
In Ordaining and Commissioning of the cadets as officers, as they kneel by the Holiness Table, the Territorial Commander Colonel Victor Leslie said to each cadets “Recognizing that God has called you, equipped you and gifted you for sacred service, I ordain you as a minister of the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and commission you as an officer of The Salvation Army with the rank of lieutenant,”. The TPWM also shared a portion of Scripture with each of the new Lieutenant.
Lieutenant Omoniyi Adefarati, session representative speaker, said “As we close this chapter in our lives and commence a new facet of life in the ministry, we can only wish for a better tomorrow, where God will use us and save the lost from the corruption of this world, although there are lots of risk, but the one who has called us is faithful enough to see us through.”
The ceremony was witnessed by family members and Salvationist within the Territory. And we can only but wish the new Lieutenants the very best as they go conquer the world for Christ.

pray cadets
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Lt. Johnson Anozie

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