National Appeal Week 2019 – Red Shield Appeal


This is to remind all salvationist that 2019 annual national appeal week will take place from 1-7/10/19 throughout the country.

Our annual Red Shield Appeal is when we call on people like you to give generously in support of our work on the frontlines, helping us to change lives and give hope to those in crisis. We can’t continue to do this without you and your support.

While we’ve been able to provide these people with support in the form of housing, budgeting, counselling and many other services, it’s sad to think that there are even more families out there who desperately need help. With your support, we can give these people the help needed to make genuine change in their lives.

While some might view these thousands of people we help as victims of their own poor choices, we know the reality is that many are victims of circumstances beyond their control, as well as sheer bad luck.

An unexpected job loss or sickness can push a family that’s just surviving over the edge. Where they once enjoyed a degree of security around being able to pay their bills and put food on the table, they now exist day-to-day in their living.

And it’s not just the parents of these families who are suffering, it’s their children too. Unless the family gets the help they need to break free from the poverty they’re living in, the cycle often continues with their children as they grow up without hope.

Please support our Red Shield Appeal and be the change that breaks these families free from the cycle of poverty—putting them on a better, safer path.

Major Stephen Ezechukwu
Territorial Public Relation Secretary

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