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INTRODUCTION: The Salvation Army Education Department is established to coordinate all educational matters throughout the territory. This is carried out in form of rendering technical advice to all Salvation Army School managers, plan systematic supervision, provide School Management Guidelines, continuous training for School Managers as well as receiving and collating statistical and narrative reports from our schools.

SALVATION ARMY SCHOOLS INTERNATIONAL STRATEGY: This has been received from IHQ; the document states the guiding principles for all Salvation Army Schools’ strategy and implementation. This has been fully adopted by the Nigeria territory.

VISION STATEMENT: The vision statement of the international Strategy goes thus: “Salvation Army schools seek to develop compassionate children of integrity and character with the relevant skills, knowledge and understanding to achieve their full God-given potential. This will be achieved by developing high quality, holistic, faith-based and family-focused education prioritizing vulnerable and marginalized children”

Based on this vision statement, the Nigeria Territory is providing qualitative and affordable education to many children of school ages, through our Nursery schools, primary schools, secondary schools and Vocational Training Centres spread across the territory.

GUIDELINES FOR SCHOOL MANAGEMENT BOARD: This has been developed from the Territorial Headquarters, and it is now available for all Salvation Army School Managers. It will enhance uniformity of operation and effective management of our schools.


SALT College of Africa has been established by The Salvation Army, to provide correspondence studies for officers, soldiers, local officers, envoys, auxiliary captains and candidates of the Salvation Army in Africa. The Operational Headquarters is presently situated in Nairobi, Kenya. All subjects offered are based on The Salvation Army Ministries/practice, Christian theology and doctrine. SALT College matters are being coordinated by the Extension Training Officer in the territory. Some of the available courses are as follows:

FOUNDATION COURSE IN SALVATION ARMY MINISTRY: A distance learning course of five (5) subjects offered to soldiers, local officers, envoys, auxiliary captains, candidates of The Salvation Army. Acceptance is based on a student’s academic ability and training needs – as assessed by the Extension Training Officer. This is a practical, foundation level course for leaders and potential leaders within a corps or social service centre. The final certificate depends on successful completion of assignments and examination in each of five subjects – selected from the following list:

  • Preliminary New Testament
  • Preliminary Old Testament
  • The Salvation Army – An Introduction
  • The Salvationists and their conduct
  • The Salvationists and their beliefs
  • Mercy Seat Counselling
  • Local Officers’ Guide
  • Preaching
  • Meeting Leadership
  • Corps Structure
  • Pastoral Care
  • Soldiership
  • Corps Records

If you would like to enroll with SALT College of Africa, please contact the Extension Training Officer who would be happy to assist you.

OFFICERS POST COMMISSIONING STUDIES: Through SALT College of Africa, compulsory post commissioning studies, based on The Salvation Army Ministries (Christian theology, doctrine, principles and practice) are ongoing. Officers can choose from many available subjects as follows:


A distance learning course of five (5) subjects offered to officers, local officers and soldiers of The Salvation Army. This builds on foundation-level studies, and is especially designed for officers for post-commissioning studies. It provides a sound basis for an understanding of spiritual ministry. It also introduces practical subjects associated with ministry. Each subject has ten (10) assignments.

  • New Testament 1
  • Old Testament 1
  • Doctrine 1
  • Management 1
  • Finance 1
  • Property 1
  • Living Lessons
  • Women’s Ministry

Five of these subjects must be completed within the first five years of officer’s commissioning; we have the Extension Training Officer who will be ready to assist them.


A distance learning course of ten (10) subjects offered to officers, local officers, and soldiers of The Salvation Army. This course is especially designed for officers in the intermediate stages of learning. It offers more demanding studies in spiritual ministry and also a range of special subjects associated with ministry. Students must successfully complete ten (10) subjects of which five (5) have been gained from Certificate level. Additionally, Diploma students must complete a minimum of two (2) subjects from the diploma list as indicated below, with remaining subjects taken from either the Diploma or Certificate subject list.


  • Philippians
  • Daniel
  • Genesis
  • 1 Corinthians
  • Writing for the Army Press
  • Christian Leadership
  • More subjects will be reported whenever they are available

OFFICERS FURTHER EDUCATION: The territory has a policy in place, which allows officers who wants to further their education to do so. However such officers must apply through Education Department, complete relevant forms and if approved, continue to study. It is advisable that officers apply for distant learning or part time studies so that such arrangement does not affect his/her primary functions as Salvation Army Officers. It must also be a government recognized or accredited institution, as well as courses that are relevant to our ministry. Please consult Education Department at THQ for further information.

Photographs from schools:

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The Salvation Army Catherine Booth School (Nursery & Primary)

03 04

The Salvation Arrmy Onitsha School (Nursery, Primary & Secondary)

06 05

The Salvation Army Akai Secondary School

07 08 09

The Salvation Army Aba School (Nursery, Primary & Secondary)


Education Secretary, THQ

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